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About Yoink.

Yoink is ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server activity.

Features of Yoink
More features for Yoink are being worked on regularly so check back regularly!

Use commands y!yoink and y!oink, to claim items that show up in chat.


Compare your inventory to others with 7 tiers of item rarity.


Leaderboard for your server and globalleaderboard!


Get support, invite the bot, and view a quick simple help list.


Enable/disable channels for bot to spawn in. Set a role to be given to #1 on your server's leaderboard.


Run giveaways in your server monthly or weekly. Participate in global giveaways*!

*This/these feature(s) are being worked on or are in beta access and may have errors.

Potential Items


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